Blade Runner and the Vegan World

One of my favorite movies of all time is Blade Runner and with the sequel due in October i remembered a few things about this amazing movie.  In short, Harrison Ford plays a specialized detective who hunts down “clones” of humans. The movie is shot in a futuristic depiction of LA and shows how people live in this high tech urban sprawl.

While not intending to portray all citizens as vegans, there are some subtle points in the movie that reveal how people treat animals. Throughout the movie you are greeted with genetically modified or cloned animals. These animals are only affordable because they are not real. Real animals are out of reach for most people due to their scarcity in the future world.

In the infamous “Voight-Kampff” test. Ford asks the would be clone or “replicant” (Sean Young) what she would do if someone bought her a Calf-Skinned wallet for her birthday. She replied

“I wouldn’t accept it, also I’d report whoever gave it to me to the police”

The questions almost all revolve around animals, you can see where she fails the test.

Earlier in the film another replicant is interviewed. This time explaining the hypothetical situation where a turtle is stuck on its back in the hot sun, but he does not help them. The replicant is profoundly insulted to why he would not be helping the turtle. This further shows the society is well in tuned with animal protection and security.

While vegan undercurrents are not at all the point of this film, the reality stands. Even in 1982, someone figured that we could progress to a point where animals are so scarce they can be illegal to consume or use. The scary part is, because its so briefly mentioned, it can become all too normal in the future world. This cannot happen!



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