I’m so glad i Found this Hidden Gem

When i desire a city life experience, i usually head north rather than south. Milwaukee, WI may be a farther drive than Chicago, but its so much more rewarding when arriving. I can park anywhere, the roads are open, traffic is minimal, i can go on and on. One of the best things about this great town is the food and boy did i find some great vegan options. One of my favorites is this little gem in the RiverWest Neighborhood called River West Co-op.

Easily missed while driving by, this place is an amazing find. Housing a very modest but wonderfully selected grocery section, River West Co-op showcases organic produce, vegan products from many different sources, and a wonderful drink selection. Along side the grocery section is the cafe. A full Vegan menu made to order contains some of the best food i’ve eaten in this city. I recently tried their take on the Philly Cheese steak. Needless to say its as good as it looks.

Every time i head back to this city i stop here and every time i stop here i literally park right out front. This is such a win for anyone heading to the Milwaukee Area.


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