Midwestern Journey for Vegan Food!

Living in the Midwest (Chicagoland Area), it can be very tough to find places that support this wonderful lifestyle. Once known as the meat packing center of the US, Chicago has slowing started to accept this lifestyle and support it little by little. Outside the city limits, however, the options are few and far between. The next few posts will focus on wonderful places i have discovered in the Chicago/southern Wisconsin area. The first on my list will be Pig Minds Brewing Co. just outside Rockford, IL.

Shortly After going vegan my search for a vegan restaurant was in full effect! I did some research and did not want to drive 90 minutes to locations in the City of Chicago. Alas i found Pig Minds Brewing Co. Micro-Brewed beer….and Vegan food? Start the car!, i left immediately.


Upon arriving i was welcomed with a “sit anywhere make yourself at home” policy. Presented with the full menu and beer list i noticed that not only the beer was all made in house, the variety was unparallelled. I ordered a Type of imperial stout and proceeded to the menu.

This is Bar food! Vegan Bar Food! Talk about a win. I indulged in a BBQ Chik’n Sand which and drank a few too many beers. I also must note, when the bill came it was far less than any other brewery i have ever attended. Just the perfect experience for my new journey.


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